Our Story

Determined to preserve the classic Italian traditions and recipes of his great grandparents, Scott DeSano embarked on a life mission: to recreate the same feelings and flavors he experienced every time he tasted his family’s authentic Neapolitan pizza. Wanting to open his own pizzeria from a young age, Scott clearly remembers all the wonderful stories about his great grandparents’ Italian heritage, love for authentic Italian cuisine and their journey to America. One story in particular had quite an impact – while traveling here from Italy his great grandfather actually carried San Marzano seeds carefully wrapped in a white handkerchief, just inside his pants’ pocket. What’s more amazing, the DeSano family still grows delicious San Marzano tomatoes from these same seeds 110 years later! It was this story and others that gave Scott the determination to perfect his family’s recipes, learn the strict preparation methods and share with others his passion for the best handcrafted Neapolitan-style pizza. So in 2012, Scott introduced a new pizzeria named in honor of his great grandparents, and DeSano Pizza Bakery was born.