Naples, Italy, is the birthplace of pizza, and we at DeSano Pizza Bakery believe Neapolitan pizza truly captures what authentic Italian cuisine is all about­ –­simple, seasonal food prepared with the freshest ingredients. As with many authentic Italian dishes, this traditional and delicious pizza began to take the food world by storm. So in the late 80s, an elite Italian organization, Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN), was formed to ensure that this centuries-old craft was protected and that all pizzerias adhered to their strict regulations when creating authentic Neapolitan pizza. From the hand-kneaded dough and imported ingredients to the special wood-burning ovens and highly trained Pizzaiolas (master pizza makers), only a few pizzerias, like DeSano Pizza Bakery, follow the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana’s guidelines when crafting Neapolitan pizza.

Our Ingredients and Dough

Imported from the Campania region of Southern Italy, each ingredient – from the flour and salt to the tomatoes and cheese – must follow strict guidelines to ensure authenticity. At DeSano’s, we adhere to these special restrictions by choosing only the best Italian ingredients, flying them in weekly to guarantee freshness. As for our dough – it is gently kneaded in small batches (following VPN standards) and shaped by hand, giving each pizza its unique shape and texture.

Our Ovens

Shipped by sea from the homeland, our three Grande Forni (grand ovens) are handcrafted in Naples from Mount Vesuvius volcanic rock and ancient Santa Maria brick, which are essential to containing the 900-degree temperatures needed to cook pizza fast. Weighing in at over 6,000 lbs., these world famous Acunto ovens also reside at the well-known Pizzeria Brandi, where Rafaelle Esposito made the first Margherita pizza for the Queen in 1889. At DeSano’s each oven is individually named after the patron saints of Italy and blessed before the opening of each restaurant. It is one of our ways to honor the Italian tradition of true pizza Napoletana.

Our Pizza

At DeSano Pizza Bakery, our open kitchen allows guests to watch our highly trained Pizzaiolas (master pizza makers) expertly craft each pizza to order. From hand-rolling the special dough and hand-crushing the San Marzano tomatoes, to choosing the right toppings and manning the enormous wood-burning ovens, each pizza is perfectly prepared and carefully cooked in just 90 seconds. In keeping with VPN regulations, our Acunto ovens slightly char the crust, giving it a crisp and delicate outside but soft and chewy inside without compromising the delicious fresh toppings. To experience what true Neapolitan pizza tastes like, we invite you to visit one of our DeSano Pizza Bakery locations.

Buon appetito!